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Aka’s adaptive and decorative partition is designed for optimum division of workspaces. Aka’s flexible and adaptive system allows you to make a better use of spaces. Creating privacy without harming the beauty of environment or causing visual pollution is one of the most important challenges in designing the administrative spaces.

Aka delicate structure with glass filler serves privacy and assures openness and beauty of the administrative space. In Aka system, glass, fabric and MDF fillers can be used for decoration of your office. Besides, the soundproofing system inside the partitions can be used for conference rooms and places which require full acoustic space.

The engineering faults resulting in emergence of unwanted angels will also impose faults in interior partitioning. Aka regulate mechanism is a perfect solution for covering those faults and boosting the intricacy and precision of the interior design. This smart system grants you a completely safe, pleasing and flawless environment.

Adaptive signifies cooperation and collaboration with other elements.

Decorative is associated with things serving to make something look more attractive. Organizer signifies something in arrangement to make the environment ornamental.