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Efficient, simple and flexible characterize Landa, the most comprehensive collection of Philpa’s products. Landa complete set of office furniture meets various demands in the arrangement of a fully administrative space, from the reception corner to the waiting room, group quarters and staff rooms, expert rooms and conference halls, and finally to the managerial divisions.
The umbrella coverage and high diversity of Landa in various uses enable designing an integrated and balanced space and boosting harmony in working environment.
Flexibility is a highly important quality in design of administrative spaces. The curved profile design in all Landa’s products, in addition to maintaining simplicity and beauty, has provided high flexibility. This quality of Landa, enables you to make a desirable design for your working environment.
Landa simple and elegant design, in addition to create a beautiful workspace gives you the ability to furnish an economical and efficient space

Efficient signifies working in a well-organized and competent way.
Simple signifies an integrated and pure environment.
Flexible signifies something that is able to change for adaptability.

Landa, Demonstration of harmonious environment

Flexible Simple Efficient

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Console Table

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Management Desk

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