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Agile, minimal and stylish. These three words clearly characterize Tesla, the latest product by Philpa.
Tesla Minimal design meets all expectations. It is a perfect model to create an efficient space. Tesla integrated system, comprising table, wardrobe and bookcases, enables you to discover innovative solutions and arrange your office freely. In addition to facilitating arrangement of tables, this system grants a rhythmic discipline to your office. This is because an orderly work space boosts your concentration at work. The geometric structure and aluminum legs of Tesla Minimal help you display your space neater and more orderly. The use of aluminum legs in Tesla products design, has made this set, agile and firm. Lightness of the product facilitates relocation and creates a sense of agility and youthfulness.
Attention to details and precision in design of the Tesla products make your office stylish and your work environment more positive.

Agile signifies speed, skill and lightness.
Minimal, in literature and visual arts, signifies simplicity.
Stylish: synonym of the word “chic” which is originally French and means beautiful and attractive.

Tesla, A Token Of Modern Design

Agile Minimal Stylish




Conference Table

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Management Desk

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Meeting Table

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